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Décisions du Comité

CONF 003 V.48

[Uniquement en anglais] Requests for International Assistance

[Uniquement en anglais]

48. The Bureau considered a request by the United Republic of Tanzania for the purchase of a Land Rover and radio equipment at a cost of US$49,782 for use at the archaeological and palaeontological site of Olduvai in the Ngorongoro conservation area.

The Bureau agreed in principle to make a favourable recommendation to the Committee concerning that request. However, before finalizing its recommendation, the Bureau asked the Tanzanian authorities to provide it with information, in time for it to be considered before the next session of the Committee, concerning the comprehensive plan to safeguard and develop the palaeontological site Olduvai and concerning the purposes for which the requested vehicle would be used in the context of the comprehensive development plan.

In addition, the Bureau asked that it be informed of any funds that might be granted by other international institutions or organizations specifically for the conservation of the Olduvai site.


Thèmes : Assistance internationale
Session : 14BUR