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Décision : CONF 015 XVII.52
Rapport du Comité a la 22eme session de la Conférence générale

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The Committee took note of the draft report prepared for the period September 1980 to November 1982, given in document CLT-82/CONF.015/7. It agreed to the suggestion of the Secretariat that the report would be completed with information on the implementation of the Committee's decisions adopted at its sixth session and be submitted to the Bureau at its next meeting for approval and submission to the next General Conference. The Committee decided that a reference shall be added to the report which stresses the need for adequate staff resources particularly in view of the increasing number of properties on the World Heritage List.

 Rapport des décisions
Contexte de la Décision
Thèmes : Rapports
Année : 1982
Code de la Décision : CONF 015 XVII.52