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Décision : 17 EXT BUR V.B.2.1.1
[Uniquement en anglais] Examination of requests for International Assistance - Serra da Capivara National Park (Brazil)

[Uniquement en anglais]


B.2 Requests for which the Bureau formulated a recommendation to the Committee

B.2.1 Technical co-operation

B.2.1.1. Serra da Capivara National Park (Brazil)

The Bureau considered a request for technical assistance for the amount of US$ 53,000 for the site of Serra da Capivara in Brazil which consisted of two components:


1. Assistance for taking measures in three of the most visited sites in the Park (Toea do Baixao do Perna I, Toea do Baixao da Vaca and Sitio do Meio) with the double objective of protecting the paintings and at the same time better controlling and facilitating visits to the sites:

The Bureau considered it necessary that preparatory assistance be provided to study in detail and in cooperation with international experts, which measures would be the most appropriate. The Bureau recommends the Committee, therefore, not to approve this request, but to allocate instead an amount of US$ 15,000 under  preparatory assistance in order to study the protection of the rock paintings.


2. Assistance for the purchase of equipment for the inventory and documentation of the rock paintings: 

The Bureau recommends the Committee to approve the amount of US$ 28,000 for the purchase of equipment that is necessary for the documentation and inventory of the rock paintings in this site.



 Document original de la décision
Contexte de la décision
Thèmes : Assistance internationale
Etats Parties : Brésil
Année : 1993
Code de la décision : 17 EXT BUR V.B.2.1.1