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Décision : 17 EXT BUR V.B.1.3.2
[Uniquement en anglais] Examination of requests for International Assistance - Riksantikvaren (Norway)

[Uniquement en anglais]


B.1 Requests on which the Bureau took a decision

B.1.3 Training

B.1.3.2 Riksantikvaren, Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Norway: International Training Course on Wood Conservation Technology, 1994

The Bureau approved the amount of US$ 25,000 for fellowships for participants from States Parties in development and transition in the International Course on Wood Conservation Technology in Norway.

The Bureau requested the course organizers to report on the results of the course and its impact on World Heritage sites.


Contexte de la Décision
Thèmes : Assistance internationale
Etats Parties : Norvège
Année : 1993
Code de la Décision : 17 EXT BUR V.B.1.3.2