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Décisions du Comité

CONF 009 VIII.29

Propositions d'inscription sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial (sites inscrits)

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 The Committee examined the nominations to the World Heritage List, taking note of the comments of the representatives of ICOMOS and/or IUCN which had made an evaluation of each property. The Committee decided to enter in the World Heritage List the twenty-nine cultural and natural properties as follows:

Contracting State having submitted the nomination of the property in accordance with the Convention  Identification  Name of Property  Criteria
Federal Republic of Germany  271
  •  The Pilgrimage Church of Wies
Brazil  275
  •  The ruins of Sao Miguel das Missoes

It was pointed out that this property belongs to a series of similar properties and that Argentina, on its side, has announced its intention of proposing the Jesuit missions of San Ignacio Mini and Santa Maria la Mayor.

Bulgaria  217
  •  The Ancient City of Nessebar
Bulgaria  216
  •  Rila Monastery

This property was not considered as a testimony of mediaeval civilisation but rather as a symbol of the 19th Century Bulgarian Renaissance which imparted slavic cultural values upon Rila in trying to re-establish an uninterrupted historical continuity. The reconstruction of Rila (1834-1962) thus illustrates cultural criterion (vi) of the Operational Guidelines.

Bulgaria  219
  •  Srebarna Nature Reserve
Bulgaria  225
  •  Pirin National Park
Canada  256
  •  Wood Buffalo National Park
    The Committee drew attention to the harmful consequences that the eventual construction of a dam on the Slave River could have on those natural characteristics which make the property of outstanding universal value. It therefore recommended that the Canadian authorities take all possible measures to protect the integrity of the site.

Costa Rica  205
  •  Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves
    The Committee reiterated the Bureau's wish that the Panamanian authorities take the initiative of nominating the part of the Friendship (Amistad) Park located in their territory.

Ivory Coast  227
  •  Comoé National Park
    The Committee recommended that the authorities should consider extending the protected area to include Mts. Gorowi and Kongoli thus enhancing the ecological and touristic value of this property.

Ecuador  280
  •  Sangay National Park
United States of America  259
  •  Great Smoky Mountains National Park
United States of America  266
  •  La Fortaleza and San Juan Historic Site in Puerto Rico
France  229
  •  Place Stanislas, Place de la Carrière and Place d'Alliance,Nancy
France  230
  •  Church of Saint-Savin-sur- Gartempe
     It was noted that this property becomes part of the series of important groups of Romanesque mural paintings.

France  258
  •  Cape Girolata, Cape Porto and Scandola Nature Reserve in Corsica
India  242
  •  Ajanta Caves
    The Committee recommended that the authorities take all possible safeguarding measures, especially as concerns constructions on the summit of the cliff which could be detrimental for the site.

India  243
  •  Ellora Caves
    The Committee recommended that the authorities establish a protection zone which would safeguard the surrounding landscape and the cliff, and provide a map indicating the delimitation of this zone.  


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