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Décision : CONF 017 III.B.9
Demandes d'assistance internationale

[Uniquement en anglais]

9. The Bureau deferred the following requests either because the properties to which they related were not included or recommended for the World Heritage List or further clarifications were required:


  • Dey's Palace
  • Qal'ah of Beni Hammad
  • Citadel Quarter of Setif


  • Bale Mountain National Park
  • Abijatta Shalla Lakes National Park

Further elements of the technical co-opertaion requests for these sites have to be established first by a preparatory assistance mission which has been granted for Simien National Park and will be now extended to the other two sites.

Syrian Arab Republic:

  • Ancient City of Damascus
  • Ancient City of Aleppo
  • Ancient Town of Bosra
  • Site of Palmyra

The Bureau was of the opinion that equipement that could be obtained locally, such as lorries etc, should not be provided under the Fund.