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Décision : CONF 208 VII.27
Progress Reports on Regional Periodic Reporting Strategies, Europe and North America Region

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The Delegate of Hungary pointed out that the year 2007 should be devoted to a stocktaking exercise and the development of conceptual guidelines for the second cycle. The Delegate of Greece informed the Committee that a Conference on the Safeguarding of Byzantine Heritage had been organized in May 2001 and that a database on the state of conservation of this type of heritage for the Mediterranean countries is being established. ICOMOS fully supported the link to the Council of Europe and the HEREIN project, as this is an open project which could be very beneficial to other regions. The thesaurus already exists in English, French and Spanish and the thematic and methodological approach could be expanded to cover the other reporting exercises as it includes heritage protection in general.

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Thèmes : Rapport périodique
Année : 2001
Code de la Décision : CONF 208 VII.27