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Décision : CONF 010 VII.32
[Uniquement en anglais] Study of Terms and Conditions of preparatory assistance

[Uniquement en anglais]

The Committee recalled Article 20 of the Convention under which international assistance may not only be granted to property already included in the World Heritage List but also to property which had not yet been added to the World Heritage List. International assistance for property which had not yet been included in the World Heritage List, for which the working term "preparatory assistance" had been adopted by the Committee may be granted:

(i) for identifying cultural and natural properties of universal importance and preparatory work with a view to nominating properties for inclusion in the World Heritage List (see Article 13, paragraph 2 of the Convention), and

(ii) for drawing up technical assistance requests, including preparation of feasibility studies for future technical co-operation projects in accordance with Article 13, paragraph 1, and Article 21, paragraphs 1 and 3, of the Convention.

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Contexte de la Décision
Thèmes : Assistance internationale
Année : 1978
Code de la Décision : CONF 010 VII.32