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Décision : CONF 001 VI.B(f).51
[Uniquement en anglais] Technical co-operation

[Uniquement en anglais]

The Committee decided that, at the request of States Parties, technical co-operation would be provided under the Fund for these two purposes*, in accordance with the terms of Article 21(1) of the Convention and within the limits of the approved budget (see paragraph 57 below). Such assistance would be in the form of expert services or equipment. Authority would be delegated to the Chairman who would decide, in consultation with the Director-General, on the type and extent of preparatory assistance to be granted.

* These purposes were referred to in the previous paragraph: (i) nominations for inclusion in the World Heritage List and (ii) requests for international assistance.

Thèmes : Assistance internationale
Année : 1977
Code de la Décision : CONF 001 VI.B(f).51