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Décision : CONF 001 VI.A(f).38
[Uniquement en anglais] Procedure and calendar for the submission of nominations

[Uniquement en anglais]

The very tight calendar proposed was discussed in some detail, with many participants referring once more to the difficulties their own governments would have to face in preparing in time their nominations. The question of limiting the number of nominations to be submitted by States was again raised, and whereas the decision previously taken in plenary not to impose any limit was maintained, it was decided that States would be requested to indicate an order of priority among the nominations submitted. States would, at the same time, be reminded that the process of submitting nominations was ongoing and that nominations not considered at the second session of the Committee would be examined at later sessions.

Thèmes : Inscriptions sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial, Méthodes et outils de travail
Année : 1977
Code de la Décision : CONF 001 VI.A(f).38