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Décision : CONF 001 VI.16
[Uniquement en anglais] Consideration of main working document (CC-77/CONF.001/4)

[Uniquement en anglais]

Some discussion ensued on the method to be followed in examining the different points raised in the document and it was decided to establish two working groups with which the Rome Centre, ICOMOS and IUCN would be associated and which would review the proposed criteria for the inclusion of cultural and natural properties in the World Heritage List, and drafting group which would formulate the decisions taken by the Committee on other matters. The Committee proceeded to debate the general principles involved in establishing the World Heritage List and to examine, one by one, the other questions raised in the document.

 Rapport des décisions
Contexte de la Décision
Année : 1977
Code de la Décision : CONF 001 VI.16