Patrimonio Mundial en Manos de Jovenes, the second Spanish edition of the World Heritage in Young Hands educational resource kit for teachers has just come off the press.

The 2,000 copies are currently being distributed to ASPnet schools, ASP national coordinators, National Commissions, and UNESCO Field offices in all Spanish-speaking countries in the world.

The WHYH resource kit was prepared as part of the UNESCO Young People's World Heritage Education Project. The Kit uses a multidisciplinary approach and is a valuable tool for teachers for sensitizing young people to the importance of preserving their local, national and World Heritage, for providing them with the necessary skills to do so and for instilling life-long commitment to this worthy endeavour. Developed on the basis of inputs and experience of students and teachers in more than 130 countries, the Kit has currently 27 national language versions and other translations and adaptations are underway.

The new Spanish Kit is published by the World Heritage Centre and the Associated Schools Network in close collaboration with the Regional Bureau for Education in Santiago, Chile and with the support of the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the World Heritage Fund.