Under the theme <Memory: Lost and Recovered Heritage>, the World Heritage Young Professional Forum 2017 was launched in Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland on 25 June. 32 selected participants from 32 different countries will take the opportunity to visit Warsaw and Krakow during 25 June to 4 July 2017,  to exchange ideas, contribute to the discussions and immerse themselves in topics within the scope of lost and recovered heritage.

The opening ceremony started with a short documentary film screening” the Fate of the Castle, the Fate of the Country”  and was followed by the presentations and welcome remarks of the Polish authorities and the World Heritage Centre.

Dr. Mechtild Rössler, Director of World Heritage Centre sent her regards to the participants in a video message which stressed that It is precisely the youth’s approach to heritage safeguarding that will help shape the policies and decisions of tomorrow.

Organized on the margin of the 41st World Heritage Committee Session, the Forum seeks to deepen youth knowledge and understanding of the importance of the protection of World Heritage, the working methods of the World Heritage Committee, the challenges and opportunities of the protection, conservation and restoration of selected World Heritage sites carrying associative values.

The participants will have the opportunity to visit World Heritage sites in Poland and attend several thematic workshops and practical hands-on activities. They will take time to have face-to face in-depth discussion with the experts to learn and share their own experiences and insights on World Heritage. They will also have the chance to participate in discussions on the state of conservation and restoration of properties and to participate simulation of a World Heritage Committee. At the end of the Forum, the outcome of the forum will be presented to the 41st World Heritage Committee on 3 July 2017.