The Antiquities Development Project of the American Research Center in Egypt is committed to undertaking three dimensional architectural surveys at the two Monasteries of St. Paul and St Anthony and the Ottoman Fort at Quseir, by the Red Sea coast of Egypt. This is part of the conservation and restoration projects currently carried out by the Antiquities Development Project at these sites.

Proposals are invited from qualified and experienced surveyors to undertake the surveys at these three sites in Egypt. Applicants must be familiar with modern computerized surveying equipment and drafting software, and have experience surveying on historical and archaeological sites. The purpose of the surveys is to produce accurate records of the three sites, which have never previously been properly or fully recorded. The three surveys will be carried out as a single project. Work will be carried out on site between November 1997 and January 1998.

Interested parties may obtain the Proposal Guidelines, including the Scope of Work, from the Antiquities Development Project office: telephone 2 02 354 2143; telephone and fax 2 02 354 8433; e-mail

The closing date by which all proposals must be received is 20 August 1997.