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First National Teacher-training Workshop on the Use of the World Heritage Education Kit

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Autumn 2000


The teacher-training seminar for the Associated Schools Project teachers, concerning the use of the pedagogic Kit "World Heritage in Young Hands".

The seminar's program consisted of theoretical, practical and operational activities. The objective was to train the teachers so that the Associated Schools can participate fully in World Heritage protection.


The participants of the training seminar emphasized the importance of the Kit as teaching material. They found the initiatives and proposals of the Kit interesting and helpful when organizing programs concerning understanding and practice in the education.

For the first time the persons interested in teaching and learning realized the diversity of relations between the human heritage, development, the rights, the peace, the dialogue and economy.

All these discoveries of the Conference will have a positive influence on the understanding human heritage in the future and contents of the Kit can be adapted to different age groups.


The Moroccan National Commission for UNESCO;