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Publication: Rehabilitation of the Saint Sebastian Fortress, Island of Mozambique

(30/06/2010) | Source
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This colourful brochure published by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre illustrates the background, aims, results and challenges of the rehabilitation project of the Saint Sebastian Fortress on the World Heritage site Island of Mozambique. It marks the conclusion of the first phase of the project, presenting the consolidation of this most prominent fortress in the Indian Ocean and reflecting the advantages of World Heritage conservation as a tool for sustainable development. Funded by several donors including Japan, the Union of Portuguese-speaking Capital Cities (UCCLA), Portugal, Flanders and the Netherlands, it highlights the opportunities such international cooperation presents for the benefit of a developing country, and encourages new donors to join forces with them in support of phase two of the project: tackling the monument's re-use. It is available in English, Portuguese and Japanese.

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