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Fann mountains

Date of Submission: 04/04/2006
Criteria: (vii)(x)
Category: Mixed
Submitted by:
State Committee on environment conservation and forestry of the Republic of Tajikistan
Coordinates: 68 17 00 E 39 19 00 N68 14 00 E 38 55 02 N 67 40 10 E 39 07 00 N68 33 00 E 39 18 00 NAyni and Penjikent districts of the Sogd region
Ref.: 2107
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The territory of the projectible national park is situated within the limits of Zeravshan and Hissar mountain ranges of the Pamir-Alai. Fann Mountains are the most significant mountain massif among the whole system of Zerafshan and Hissar mountain ridges. This relatively small but high mountain junction situated between 390 021 ? 390 181 N and 680 021 ? 680 381 W, represents the group of short but high ridges. The orographical scheme of Fann massif are as the follows: the Zerafshan ridge ranges from west to east as irregular arc and crossed by two ??? ?????????? ??? meridional ridges– west, connecting Zerafshan and Hissar ridges, and East – beginning from Pasrud river on the South and going up to the Iskanderkul Lake. In the crossin places of these ridges there are the following higher mountain tops – Chimtarga (5487 m), Ganza (5415 m). This is the place of concentration of seven peaks of 5000 meters high and several tens of peaks over 5000 m.

Territory of the park contains beautiful and unique mountain landscape which is still intact by the economic activities of the man. The special allure of territory created by wonderful mountain lakes Chapdara, Alaudin and others, glacier, ancient obstructions, juniper forests and groves.

It is the place of growing of following rare species of plants, which are included to the Red Book of the Republic of Tajikistan: Sumbul ferule, Persian unium, Vavilov’s almond, waterfall poplar, Nevskii honeysuckle and others.

It contains very interesting world of mammals. There are the following species fount under the treat of disappearance inhabited in the Fann mountains: snow leopard, bearded eagle, golden eagle, turkestanic desert falcon, asian moufflon, Tetraogallus himalayensis and other birds.

Territory of the parks includes famous object of abiocoen and historical and cultural; complexes.