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International assistance

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Number of requests Approved
Total Amount Approved
ID Approved Date Title Step
2351 25 January 2012 Nomination of Okavango Delta into the World Heritage List
Decision by:
Approved Amount: 0 USD
Decision Date: 25-Jan-2012
Type: preparatory
Category: nature
1736 06 July 2004 International Training Workshop for decision-makers on the World Heritage from Eastern and Southern Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands+
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved Amount: 48,645 USD
Decision Date: 06-Jul-2004
Previous Id: 2004-1182
Type: conservation
Category: nature
1185 17 December 1999 Preparation of Nomination of Tsolido to the World Heritage List
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Chairperson
Approved Amount: 19,904 USD
Decision Date: 17-Dec-1999
Previous Id: 2000-251
Type: preparatory
Category: culture
1177 04 May 1999 National Workshop for preparation of tentative list
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Director
Approved Amount: 2,000 USD
Decision Date: 04-May-1999
Previous Id: 1999-277
Type: conservation
Category: mixed