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State of Conservation (SOC)

Historical Monuments of Mtskheta

Historical Monuments of Mtskheta
Date of Inscription: 1994
Nomination records (Year): 1993
Category: Cultural
Criteria: (iii)(iv)
Danger List: Yes
  • Erosion and siltation/ deposition
  • Land conversion
  • Management activities
  • Management systems/ management plan
Inscription on the Danger List
Year: 2009
Threats to the Site:

a)         Lack of a management mechanism;

b)         Privatisation of surrounding land;

c)          Loss of authenticity of some components due to restoration works conducted with unacceptable methods

* : The threats indicated are listed in alphabetical order; their order does not constitute a classification according to the importance of their impact on the property.
Furthermore, they are presented irrespective of the type of threat faced by the property, i.e. with specific and proven imminent danger (“ascertained danger”) or with threats which could have deleterious effects on the property’s Outstanding Universal Value (“potential danger”).

** : All mission reports are not always available electronically.