1.         Kizhi Pogost (Russian Federation) (C 544)

Year of inscription on the World Heritage List  1990

Criteria  (i)(iv)(v)

Year(s) of inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger  N/A

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International Assistance

Requests approved: 0 (from 1992-2001)
Total amount approved: USD 38,540
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UNESCO Extra-budgetary Funds


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Factors affecting the property identified in previous reports

Lack of capacity in conservation techniques; wood conservation.

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Conservation issues presented to the World Heritage Committee in 2004

From 18 to 20 December 2003, a workshop on the conservation of the Church of the Transfiguration was held in St. Petersburg at which participants were informed of the progress made for the preparatory works for the conservation project as well as follow-up actions to the recommendations made by the Committee and the International workshop of August 2002 were discussed.

The main steps of the restoration project have been approved as well as the workplan for the creation of the infrastructure for the works to be carried out (moorage for boats, construction site, energy structure, wood storage and procurement, fire protection, lodging for workers, etc). The financial plan of the restoration project has been submitted and approved by the Ministry of Culture. However, the participants mentioned insufficient and irregular funding for the conservation project.

The Russian National Committee for World Heritage together with the Ministry of Culture will be preparing a proposal concerning the approval of the buffer zone taking into account the possible enlargement of the site. Monitoring of the state of the Church of the Transfiguration is ensured by the site manager together with architects and restorers.

The workshop participants reiterated the request that the ICCROM Guidelines for management of cultural sites be translated into Russian.

The Centre has asked for more detailed information regarding some of the issues discussed during this second workshop. In particular, details on the overall budget of the project, information on the current state of conservation of the church and the follow-up to the recommendations made by the first workshop. At the time of the preparation of this document, no information was received from the State Party.

ICOMOS and ICCROM commented that national level financing is unpredictable and insufficient and that no matter how much care and study is given to analysis of conservation problems, without commitment of necessary funding in a timely manner, the threats to this site remain severe and unimpaired. 

Analysis and Conclusions of the World Heritage Centre, ICOMOS and ICCROM


Decision Adopted: 28 COM 15B.95

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Thanking the authorities of the Russian Federation for their continued commitment to analyze conservation problems of the Church of the Transfiguration through the holding of workshops,

2. Notes with concern the lack of funding and hereby lack of commitment by the Russian Federation for the conservation project without which the threats to this property remain severe and unimpaired;

3. Regrets that the State Party did not provide a progress report as requested by the Committee (Decision 27 COM 7B.74);

4. Urges the authorities of the Russian Federation to collaborate closely with the Advisory Bodies and the World Heritage Centre regarding the developments of the conservation works;

5. Requests the State Party to submit, by 1 February 2005, a report on the commitment of the necessary funds to carry out the work plan for 2004 and 2005 as well as on the progress made in the conservation works with information on the impact of interventions of the conservation works, in order that the World Heritage Committee can examine the state of conservation of the property at its 29th session in 2005.