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Visitors to the World Heritage Centre site can take advantage of the search to browse through the World Heritage Centre information.

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Search tips Search tips
  • Multiple word search: The following example shows how to search having words 'world' and 'heritage' in it:
    +world +heritage
  • Search with at least one word: The following example shows how search for at least 'conservation' OR (threats OR project):
    +conservation threats project
  • Search for one word, but not the other: The following example shows how to search for 'conservation' but not 'document':
    -document +conservation
  • Wildcard search: The following syntax searches for 'test', 'text', 'teat', and so on:
  • This example searches for 'test', 'text', 'teeeeeext', and 'texyzt':
  • Note: You cannot use a * or question mark (?) symbol as the first character of a search.