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Evergreen Digital Contents Inc.

Evergreen Digital Contents, Inc., a Japanese media corporation,  has partnered with the World Heritage Centre since 1996 to produce numerous documentary film series on World Heritage natural sites.

A new agreement was concluded in 2006 to promote World Heritage education in Japanese schools, seeking to raise awareness of elementary school students about natural heritage and environmental threats. As a part of this partnership, a wireless internet service created and promoted by NTT DoCoMo telecommunication company, the communications agency Dentsu and their advertising agency D2 Communications, Inc. was developed called UNESCO Kids.

This entertaining and educational i-mode site, accessible by all web-compatible mobile phones, was designed to stimulate children into learning about and caring for the environment in which they live. The project also aims to encourage young people to visit World Heritage sites responsibly and share their experience by photographing their visits and contributing them through the i-mode site. This is the first i-mode site to provide information regarding World Heritage sites via a mobile phone service and it is anticipated that similar activities will spread throughout the world.