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3 October 2017 – A stunning exhibit of the world’s most iconic coral reef systems opened today at the Aquarium of Paris. The display sheds light on the condition of these coral reef systems inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Through a series of photos, virtual reality experiences, films and educational activities for children, the exhibit will raise awareness of the unique diversity ...
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Fourteen young people, with common interests in marine biodiversity and climate change, developed two tourist guides for the Coiba National Park in Panama, in the framework of the World Heritage Youth Project on Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change that was organized in January 2016 by the World Heritage Centre in cooperation with MarViva Foundation. The creation of tourist guides was ...
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[in French only] Le Centre du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, et l’Organisation arabe pour l’éducation, la culture et les sciences (ALECSO), ont organisé un atelier de formation pour les pays du Maghreb sur le processus de préparation de proposition d’inscription sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial, à Djerba en Tunisie du 11 au 15 septembre 2017. Cet atelier régional a été rendu possible ...
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