Applications Open for the Colorado State University Spanish Language Short Course on Protected Area Management.  6 July – 6 August 2011

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 Application deadline: February 18, 2011 For over 20 years, CSU has annually put on a flagship short course on protected area management for promising conservationists from Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of Latin America and Africa. The event enjoys the support of conservation agencies such as the US Forest, Park and Fish and Wildlife Services, local and state authorities and NGOs. Over 100 applicants vie annually for the 22 spots available in this one month, hands-on field course, given entirely in Spanish in protected areas of the Western USA. Topics such as ranger skills, protected area planning and tourism management, as well as emerging themes such as building resilience to climate change, conservation finance, and participatory park management and conflict mediation are covered in the course, which also puts emphasis on building individual and team leadership skills among the participants, who range from indigenous chief rangers at rainforest reserves deep in the Amazon to senior officials in parks agencies and leading conservation NGOs. The course has over 400 graduates from over 20 nations. Many work at World Heritage Sites throughout the Americas, such as Sangay and Galapagos, Ecuador; La Amistad in Costa Rica and Panama; Sian Kaan in Mexico; Rio Platano in Honduras; and Manu in Peru. CSU annually puts on or assists in organizing conservation training events both in the US and abroad. CSU also collaborates with UNESCO, the World Heritage Centre, the Convention on Biological Diversity and other conservation training centers such as CATIE in Costa Rica and the Wildlife Institute of India in delivering more effective training and in developing improve curricula and instructional methods to reach the growing numbers of staff at World Heritage Sites and other cultural and natural protected areas world wide.