UNESCO and its long standing media partner EVERGREEN Digital Contents have launched a new partnership through a project aiming to promote World Heritage Education in Japan.

The project focuses on raising the awareness of elementary school students about natural World Heritage sites and issues concerning them.

As a part of this partnership, a new i-mode site was developed for NTT DoCoMo called UNESCO Kids. This entertaining and educational i-mode site, accessible by using all web compatible mobile phones, was designed to stimulate children into learning and caring for the environment in which they live. The project also aims to encourage them to visit World Heritage sites responsibly and share their experience by photographing their visits and contributing them through the i-mode site. This is the first i-mode site to provide information regarding World Heritage sites via a mobile phone service and it is anticipated that similar activities will spread throughout the world.

Educational films about natural World Heritage sites (one for 3rd and 4th grade elementary school students and another for 5th and 6th grade elementary school students) have also been created as a part of this project. The films associate animated characters (insects) and the World Heritage mascot Patrimonito and high-resolution digital high definition footage of sites to bring the viewers on a virtual tour of natural World Heritage sites. These films will be distributed to selected elementary schools throughout Japan.

More about UNESCO Kids.com:

UNESCO Kids can be used as a mobile encyclopedia providing fun and educational content about selected natural World Heritage sites via mobile phones. The service includes other components such as a membership to receive regular emails from the World Heritage Centre, download beautiful images, and more. Children can also send in questions to Patrimonito who will post his responses on the i-mode site.

How to access UNESCO Kids:

(Direct access) http://www.unesco-kids.com

(From i-mode) iMenu -> Menu List -> DoCoMo Menu -> DoCoMo website (select the regional company) -> Campaigns/Events -> UNESCO Kids

(From Kid's i-mode) Kid's iMenu -> Learn/Search -> UNESCO Kids

More about the educational films:

Title:    Promoting World Heritage Education in Japan

For 3rd & 4th grade students: Let's Go and See our World Natural Heritage

For 5th & 6th grade students: Let's Protect the Nature of the World

Content: Adventure stories of Kabu the Japanese beetle and Ten the ladybug, who are sent on a mission to learn about nature and natural World Heritage sites with Patrimonito (aka Pat) as their guide. (Approx. 30 minutes each.)

Should you wish to use these films for broadcast purposes, please apply to the project management contact below:

Promoting World Heritage Education in Japan Project - Executive Committee Office

EVERGREEN Digital Contents Inc.
Hironao Imazu