The Programme on African Protected Areas & Conservation (IUCN-Papaco) offers a brand new series of online learning courses adapted to different profiles of professionals working in protected areas. Each course is built on 50 videos (from our MOOCs) followed by quizzes to enable protected area actors to develop the skills that are essential for their profession.

The RANGER Essential is meant for guards and field rangers working mainly on data collection, anti-poaching, guiding etc. This Essential aims at developing the skills to implement field activities and the behaviour needed to accomplish this.

The MANAGER-L and MANAGER-R Essentials target technicians and managers working in the direction and management of medium-sized organisations, in planning and management of projects and programmes that are more or less technical and complex. The two courses develop global management skills, but also more specialised ones: anti-poaching, valorisation of the territory (Manager-Law), assessment and analysis, ecological monitoring, research (Manager-research).

Finally, the LEADER Essential is mainly for managers working in central management of parks or large NGOs, to elaborate national and regional policies, or proceed to cross-sectoral coordination and manage complex plans and programmes. This course focuses on more general skills to enable a better understanding of the stakes of biodiversity conservation, all for better decision-making. 

To learn more about this, have a look at this video. Registrations are free on, an attestation of participation shall be given for each course successfully completed.