The Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting Exercise in the Europe and North America region was launched at the 36th session of the World Heritage Committee (Saint Petersburg, 2012).

In Europe, 49 States Parties and 432 World Heritage properties (382 cultural, 41 natural, 9 mixed) participated in the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting Exercise (2012-2015). The exercise was coordinated by the World Heritage Centre’s Europe and North America Unit, and implemented in close cooperation with National Focal Points, Site Managers, the Advisory Bodies, as well as the Nordic World Heritage Foundation and individual consultants.

The purpose of the Periodic Reporting Exercise is to give key stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Europe and to take stock of the state of affairs relating to the conservation, protection and management of World Heritage sites at the regional, national and the site level.

As part of the exercise, a Framework Action Plan was developed in a participative manner by National Focal Points for World Heritage, Periodic Reporting Experts Team, Advisory Bodies and the World Heritage Centre during the Final Meeting on the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting in Europe (Helsinki, 1 December - 2 December 2014).

The outcomes of this exercise are included in the Second Cycle Periodic Report for Europe, which is available here: WHC-15/39.COM/10A

The Second Cycle Periodic Report and the Helsinki Framework Action Plan will be examined by the World Heritage Committee at its 39th session (Bonn, 28 June – 8 July 2015).