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46 World Heritage marine sites


Located in 35 countries


Covering 20%, by area, of all marine protected areas on the planet


3 of top 10 largest marine protected areas in the world


more than 50%, by area, of all natural World Heritage sites

Marine site managers network

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The 46 marine World Heritage sites share similar conservation challenges but hold simultaneously a wealth of information about best management practices. Some sites are well managed, others lack the capacity to do so. Bringing these success stories together is at the heart of our work. Learn more!

Site managers platform

Our work in the field

Management of World Heritage marine sites is increasingly challenging. Climate change, marine pollution, habitat destruction, overfishing, invasive species all impact effective conservation. See how we support the World Heritage marine sites to ensure effective conservation and sustainable development of these exceptional places.

Identifying marine gaps on the World Heritage List

The World Heritage marine sites cover a vast range of ecosystem types in both tropical and temperate ocean areas. While mangroves, coral reefs and saltmarshes are relatively well represented among the network of marine sites on the World Heritage List, others are not. 
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