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Desk analysis of regulatory frameworks of under-represented Asian States Parties (LDCs/LICs)

Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 8,000 USD
Decision Date: 29-Nov-1999
Committee Decisions

Decision 23COM VI14

VI.14 The Committee,

having recognized that regional action plans had already contributed in a tangible manner towards the implementation of the Global Strategy,

adopted under Chapter II for the Budget for 2000 an amount of US$ 278,000, of which US$ 20,000 for Central and Eastern Europe, and under Thematic Studies US$ 40,000 for ICOMOS and US$ 15,000 for IUCN.

It also took note of Information Documents WHC-99/CONF.209/INF.8, WHC-99/CONF.209/INF.11, WHC-99/CONF.209/INF.14 and WHC-99/CONF.209/INF.16.

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Amount Requested: 0 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Preparatory
Previous Id: 2000-334
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Reference: 1239