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Building a global network of site managers

World Heritage marine managers share a wealth of solutions and best practices on how to deal with the conservation challenges they face. Bringing these success stories together in ways that make them suitable for replication in other marine areas, is a central part of our work.

Our Best Practice Guide
for site managers shares the marine spatial planning methodology and provides examples of its application in World Heritage marine sites
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World Heritage Marine Properties
Navigating the Future of Marine World Heritage. Slideshow of all 49 sites inscribed on the World Heritage List.


3rd UNESCO Marine World Heritage site managers conference
This video shows the third Marine World Heritage site managers conference which was held in the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador) from 27-31 August 2016.


Connecting 49 marine sites
in 37 countries


Third World Heritage Marine Managers Conference

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador • 27-31 August 2016

Venue: Lindblad Expedition ship National Geographic Endeavour
(Upon invitation only)


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Previous Marine World Heritage
Manager Conferences

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first conference
Honolulu, USA,
1-3 December 2010

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Highlights from the
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Ajaccio, France,
18-20 October 2013

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