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[in French only] Cette Session francophone du Séminaire de formation rentre dans le cadre du Programme pluriannuel de formation en Afrique (2004-2005) initié par l’Unité Afrique du Centre du patrimoine mondial. Elle résulte du « Plan d’action d’établissement de rapports périodiques 2002-2007 » adopté par le Comité et donne la priorité au développement des ressources humaines, au renforcement ...
Follow-up meeting Russia and CIS countries
29-Apr-2004 - 02-May-2004
Conclusions and Recommendations as adopted by the participating States PartiesNational Coordinators from Russia, Ukraine and representatives of the national coordinators from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus participated in the International Training Workshop for the preparation of the Periodic Reporting exercise. All the participating countries need to fill in Section I of the Report ...
Focal points from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands met in Potsdam to discuss the work plan (submission calendar) and common themes relating to the questions contained in Section II of the periodic report questionnaire.
Jebel Ouenat is an isolated massif emerging some 2000 meters above the flat and remote planes of the Sahara desert between Egypt, Libya and Sudan. The Workshop, funded by the Italian Government, enabled the identification of the heritage values of the area, including exceptional natural features, a unique eco-system and thousands of rock art sites. The Jebel Ouenat is today unprotected and ...
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