At its 36th session (St Petersburg, 2012), the World Heritage Committee discussed a number of state of conservation reports where the question of ‘visual integrity’ and the ‘protection of important views’ came up. The authorities of India informed the World Heritage Committee that they would offer an international expert meeting to review this question. Therefore, the Government of India will host the World Heritage Expert Meeting on Visual Integrity from 6 to 9 March 2013.

The main objectives of this expert meeting will be to identify issues concerning visual integrity and to review related text in the Operational Guidelines. The meeting will also contribute to a better understanding of the notion of integrity for cultural heritage, which has been previously discussed (Expert Meeting Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, 2012) and will assist the World Heritage Committee in future decision making. The World Heritage Centre, jointly with the State Party of India and the Advisory Bodies, will also prepare background material for this International Expert meeting.

The report of the expert meeting will be presented to the World Heritage Committee at its 37th session in June 2013.


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Mr. Janhwij Sharma
Director Conservation and World Heritage
Archaeological Survey of India
New Delhi