Tomorrow's Kyoto Cultural Heritage Platform is organizing a "Portraying Kyoto's Cultural Heritage" painting and drawing contest for primary school children. To commemorate the final meeting for the Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, this event will give children an opportunity to learn about the importance of the World Heritage sites in Kyoto and other cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), and of the necessity to transmit to the next generations.

The subject matter must be cultural heritage and sites (monuments, art works, local festivals etc.) in Kyoto and Otsu, including the sites composing the Historical Monuments of Ancient Kyoto that are World Heritage properties. Participants will be 1st to 6th year students from primary schools in Kyoto Prefecture or Otsu City and the submissions are to be collected and given to the organizer by the primary schools,the deadline for the submission of the artworks is on the 18th of September .

Several sketching sessions are organized in late July and August at the major Kyoto temples and shrines that are World Heritage sites; participation in such sessions is not mandatory. The application deadlines for the sessions are on 25th July and 1st of August.