The Business Skills for World Heritage Programme has been developed collaboratively by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the international environmental charity Earthwatch, and the global energy company Royal Dutch Shell. The goal of the programme is to strengthen business management practice in World Heritage sites throughout the region. The application may therefore have a better chance of being accepted if the applicants are in a position to make a direct contribution to the way in which the site operates, now and in the future.

Eligibility: Natural World Heritage sites managers, or co-managers, located in Afica.

The programme is open to all site-based staff and employees of other organizations or NGOs considered instrumental in the provision of technical or organizational support to the management of the natural World Heritage site agencies.  

Costs:  All costs are covered by the organizers, including transportation.

Deadline for applications:  29 April 2011

Location:  The Mpala Research Centre, near Nanyuki, in Kenya

Dates:  There will be two training courses this year in September and October .

For each selected Natural World Heritage property, up to three people representing World Heritage authorities or supporting agencies will participate. After the training course, the participants will receive further technical support for the following 12 months from the Shell expert in an effort to integrate business planning processes to the management culture of the World Heritage site.

Interested participants can access information regarding this programme on the Earthwatch website  and download the application form.

The complete application form should be returned via email to: .