On their long journeys, migratory birds have to navigate through a multitude of man-made barriers. Their flyways are hindered by wind farms, power lines, TV and mobile phone transmission masts, glass windows, tall buildings and other constructions. Huge numbers of birds are killed, injured or displaced each year. Apart from direct fatalities or injuries via collision, such structures can also lead to habitat loss, displacement and disturbance.

This year's theme for World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) - "Barriers to migration" - aims to raise the awareness of these man-made obstacles. It is in our power to implement sustainable development, i.e. to avoid placement of potential barriers along major migratory routes and thus minimize the threats facing birds.

The dangers migratory birds are confronted with are often unrecognised by the public. Take action! Join others around the world in organising activities to raise awareness of the threats faced by these birds along their flyways. Anyone is welcome to contribute; individuals, clubs, schools, organisations and the media. Activities can include bird-watching events, educational programmes, lectures, art exhibitions or public events. In whatever way you decide to participate, your contribution will help to make this campaign a success!

Give migratory birds a voice and become a part of WMBD 2009 by registering your activity on the WMBD website: www.worldmigratorybirdday.org

WMBD 2009 posters are available upon request from the AEWA Secretariat. Alternatively - if you wish to translate the poster into your own language - please ask us for an electronic version.

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