The “Online technical meeting for Libyan properties on the List of World Heritage in Danger” aims at clarifying the process for the elaboration of the Desired State of Conservation (DSOCR) for the removal of Libyan properties from the List of World Heritage in Danger. Taking the Old Town of Ghadames as a case study, the participants will analyse the situation and set the basis for the DSOCR proposal.

The meeting will aim at analyzing the state of conservation of the property and will set the basis for drafting the DSOCR, corrective measures and timeframe for their implementation. The participants will be the site managers of all five World Heritage properties in Libya and national authorities from the Department of Antiquities, representatives from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the UNESCO Office in Rabat, ICOMOS, and the Libyan Permanent Delegation to UNESCO. A remote coordination process for the revision and drafting of the DSOCR is previewed to be followed by a second meeting dedicated to the review and finalization of the DSOCR for the property.

This meeting is organized with the support of the Netherlands Government and the World Heritage Fund.