The proceedings of the Seventh Conference of DOCOMOMO, held at UNESCO from the 16th-19th of June 2002, will be presented to the press on the 23rd of June 2005 at 11:00 in Room 16 at UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, 75015 Paris.

The Seventh DOCOMOMO Conference was organized by DOCOMOMO France and the Institut français d’architecture in partnership with the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO. It was devoted to the Reception of Architecture of the Modern Movement. The papers published in the proceedings are devoted to works disseminated in the four continents, which bear witness to what was the Cultural History of Modernity. The Conference was part of the Program for Modern Heritage created by the World Heritage Centre. The proceedings are published by the University of Saint Etienne, which is the scientific pole of DOCOMOMO France.

The proceedings will be launched by Francesco Bandarin (Director of the World Heritage Centre), Maristella Casciato (Chairwoman of DOCOMOMO International), Dominique Mellet (Vice-chairman at the University of Saint-Etienne) and Jacqueline Bayon (Director of the l’Institut d’Etudes Régionales et des Patrimoines, University of Saint Etienne). Jean-Yves Andrieux and Fabienne Chevallier, editors of the proceedings, will present the published work.