A round-table discussion dedicated to the astronomical heritage was organized by the Permanent Delegation of Chile to UNESCO, in cooperation with the World Heritage Centre, at a Seminar held at UNESCO on 1 October 2013.

 The main topics discussed within the framework of the Astronomy and World Heritage Thematic Initiative:

  • Protection of astronomical sites within the framework of the Chilean Scientific Initiative “Windows to the Universe”
  • Establishment of cooperation between the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, specialized agencies and relevant interdisciplinary scientific initiatives, as requested by the World Heritage Committee (Decision 36 COM 5D, St. Petersburg, 2012);
  • Establishment of a strategy towards the elaboration of appropriate mechanisms for protection and promotion of the world's leading working observatories, including the identification of potential sites based on the ICOMOS/IAU Thematic Study on Astronomical Heritage;
  • Key issues relevant in nomination processes to accompany States Parties;

The round-table during this Seminar provided crucial inputs towards developing new methodologies, innovative approaches and creative thinking in tackling challenging problems of recognizing astronomical heritage within the wider context of the heritage of science and technology.

The meeting contributed to promote understanding and increase awareness on issues related to World Heritage and provided information on the implementation of the UNESCO Thematic Initiative “Astronomy and World Heritage”.