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Draft of the new Partnerships for Conservation (PACT) Initiative strategy

Draft of the new Partnerships for Conservation (PACT) Initiative strategy

By Decision 35 COM 5A, the World Heritage Committee invites the Director of the World Heritage Centre to submit a draft of the new PACT Initiative Strategy, taking into account the results of the evaluation of the External Auditor on the PACT Initiative, for examination at its 36th session, one of its major objectives being the increase of resources to the World Heritage Fund to the benefit of International Assistance.
This Document proposes a new draft strategy taking into account the lessons learnt from the partnerships established since the creation of PACT, its regulatory framework, previous draft strategy proposals and the recommendations of the external evaluation of 2010/2011. It has been elaborated in the context of the current reflection initiated by UNESCO about partnerships policy and strategy for engaging with the private sector. This document should be read in conjunction with Document WHC-12/36 COM/INF.5A.2

Publication date: Friday, 11 May 2012
Author: World Heritage Centre
Copyright: © UNESCO
Code: WHC-12/36.COM/5A.2
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