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Decision : 37 COM 7B.80
Kizhi Pogost (Russian Federation) (C 544)

The World Heritage Committee,

1.  Having examined Document WHC-13/37.COM/7B.Add,

2.  Recalling Decision 36 COM 7B.83 , adopted at its 36th session (Saint-Petersburg, 2012),

3.  Notes the progress made by the State Party in the conservation and protection of the Church of the Transfiguration and on the Church of the Intercession and urges it to sustain these efforts in timely manner and secure the necessary resources to ensure that no further loss of fabric and design features, which could constitute a threat to the property, occurs;

4.  Takes note of the steps the State Party is making towards developing legal measures for the protection of World Heritage cultural properties;

5.  Also takes note of the recommendations made by the April 2013 reactive monitoring mission to the property and also urges the State Party to implement its recommendations, in particular:

a)  Revise the management plan to ensure that the conservation and protection of attributes that convey the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the property drive decision-making ; the revised Management Plan should include regulations for land use and for new developments, provisions for the management of the agricultural landscape, a sustainable tourism strategy, risk preparedness measures and measures for monitoring the state of archaeological resources,

b)  Halt all proposed new developments in the buffer zone and setting of the property, including visitor and administration facilities, until the Management Plan has been revised and until Heritage and Environmental Impact Assessments have been undertaken to take into account the expected impacts and compatibility of development with the OUV of the property,

c)  Enhance the implementation of the fire protection and security plans to improve the level of protection and quality of the environment at the property,

d)  Finalise the development of Guiding Principles for the restoration projects that relate the conservation work to the key attributes of the property ;

6.  Requests , in accordance to Paragraph 172 of the Operational Guidelines , the State Party to submit the project proposal, technical specifications and heritage and environmental impact assessments, for the Office and Public Centre of the Kizhi Museum and for any other planned development projects, for review by the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies prior to committing to its implementation;

7.  Also requests the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre for review by the Advisory Bodies the draft Management Plan in three printed and electronic copies;

8.  Further requests   the State Party to invite an ICOMOS advisory  mission in early 2014 to assess the progress made in the restoration works and on the implementation of the above;

9.  Requests furthermore the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 February 2014 , an updated report on the state of conservation of the property and the implementation of the above, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 38th session in 2014.

Themes: Conservation, Outstanding Universal Value
States Parties: Russian Federation
Properties: Kizhi Pogost
Year: 2013
Decision Code: 37 COM 7B.80