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Decision : CONF 001 XI.44-48
Promotional Activities

44. The Committee congratulated the Secretariat on the report on activities carried out in 1988 (document SC-88/CONF.001/5), devoted mainly to production and dissemination of general information material on the objectives and operation of the Convention for a variety of publics, and the mounting of photographic exhibitions.

45. Several members of the Committee referred to promotional activities undertaken or planned in their countries, such as the setting up of a National Committee in charge of coordination of implementation and promotion of the Convention in France; placing of plaques on World Heritage sites in France and Mexico; issuing of a series of postage stamps in Brazil, production of leaflets on the Convention and sites inscribed on the World Heritage List in India, Australia and Canada; publication of a series of 60 booklets on World Heritage sites, of which 300,000 copies were sold at news-stands in Brazil; or events organized during the World Heritage Day and those planned for the World Heritage Week in India.

46. The representative of the United Nations Development Programme informed the Committee on the positive results of a press seminar he had organized in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil), with assistance from the World Heritage Fund. He further stressed the complex relationships between development, tourism and heritage; it would, he felt, be appropriate to reflect on the drafting of clear principles on the problem of tourism and heritage.

47. The Committee accepted the activities for 1989 proposed by the Secretariat, which highlight the wish to increase knowledge of sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, through preparation of information sheets on such sites, new publications and a series of films for the public at large. A member of the Committee requested that co-publishers be sought for Arabic editions of such publications.

48. Finally, the Committee recommended the creation and strengthening of national bodies designed to act as relays for the Secretariat's activities. In this respect, it noted that assistance was now available for this purpose pursuant to paragraph 87 of the Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the Convention.


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Themes: Communication
Year: 1988
Decision Code: CONF 001 XI.44-48