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Decision : CONF 001 IV.7
Election of Chairperson, Rapporteur and Vice-Chairpersons

7. Upon the proposal of the outgoing Chairman, Mr. J.H. Collinson (Canada), Mr. A. da Silva Telles (Brazil) was elected Chairman of the Committee by acclamation. Ms. A. Miltiadou (Greece) was elected Rapporteur and the following members of the Committee were elected Vice-Chairmen: Australia, Canada, France, India, and the Yemen Arab Republic. A member of the Committee stressed that the composition of the Bureau did not reflect a geographical balance and was due to peculiar circumstances since representatives of certain geographical regions were not present at this session of the Committee; he requested that this composition of the Bureau not be considered a precedent for the selection of future Bureaux.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Working methods and tools
Year: 1988
Decision Code: CONF 001 IV.7