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Decision : CONF 004 XV.A
Extension and Change of Name: Tasmanian Wilderness (Australia)

Tasmanian Wilderness



The Committee approved the nomination of the extension to the Western Tasmanian Wilderness National Parks World Heritage site which corresponded to an additional area of 604,645 ha, i.e., a 78% increase, thereby serving to consolidate and greatly enhance the existing World Heritage site. The Committee noted that there were some small enclaves of publicly-owned land with World Heritage values currently excluded from the nomination and expressed the hope that these could be added in the future. The Committee noted with satisfaction the statement by the Australian observer that legislation has been passed to revoke all mining rights within the World Heritage site.

As concerns the cultural values of this extension, the Committee noted that research on the archaeological sites within the area had only just begun but seemed to present considerable interest and potential. 

The Committee agreed that this property should henceforth be called "Tasmanian Wilderness".


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Australia
Properties: Tasmanian Wilderness
Year: 1989
Decision Code: CONF 004 XV.A