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Decision : CONF 002 X
Promotional Activities

42. The Committee noted with satisfaction the various promotional activities undertaken in 1991 and presented in Document SC-91/CONF.002/6. These activities related to the production and dissemination of information material, support to national activities organized by States Parties to the Convention, as well as participation in special events relating to cultural and natural heritage. In particular, the Committee noted that due to co-operation with States Parties, the production of information material in additional languages had been possible, and that the production of new supporting materials, such as illustrated sheets on World Heritage sites for sale by correspondence, were being actively considered. The Committee was also informed that in compliance with its recommendation, the question of the commercial diffusion of video-cassettes co­produced by TRANSTEL Company and UNESCO had been studied by the Secretariat and TRANSTEL, and possible solutions had been identified to ensure this diffusion and to improve the presentation of these films on TV networks.

43. The Committee also noted that, at the request of the Secretariat and with the support of the World Heritage Fund, the first issue of the new bulletin of the UNDP-UNESCO Regional Project for Cultural Heritage and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean would be entirely devoted to a presentation of all the World Heritage sites of the region. This bulletin, mainly destined for decision-makers and donors, would provide up-dated information on the sites on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the Convention. A draft version of this bulletin was distributed to the Committee, which will be completed by all States of the region before its publication in English, French and Spanish in June 1992.

44. The Committee approved the proposals for 1992 presented by the Secretariat: firstly, to fulfill its general informative mission, it is foreseen to continue to produce, update and disseminate general information material concerning the Convention and on World Heritage sites through different means such as brochures, films, video­disks, publications, etc. For publications, the committee noted that private initiatives should be encouraged as they are less costly and more flexible than co-edition with UNESCO and the income could be directly granted to the World Heritage Fund. Proposals for 1992 also concern the production of more specialized material so as to contribute towards the efforts of the Committee to ensure better monitoring of the state of conservation of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List. This material will be targeted on the one hand to populations living in or near inscribed sites and to visitors to the sites, and on the other to site managers.

45. As a first step, the elaboration of guidelines for the management of tourism in World Heritage sites will be carried out from case studies and in co-operation with the competent international organizations.

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Themes: Communication
Year: 1991
Decision Code: CONF 002 X