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Decision : CONF 201 VII.C.27
SOC: Archaeological Zone of Chan Chan (Peru)

VII.27 Archaeological zone of Chan Chan (Peru)

It was recalled that an extensive report on the state of conservation of Chan Chan was submitted to the Committee at its seventeenth session in Cartagena in 1993 which concluded that the issue of encroachment and land occupation needed to be addressed in order to reclaim and secure the site. In 1996, the Government of Peru initiated this process. Long-term protection of the site is now a concern for the site managers and several alternatives of securing the site are presently under study.

Furthermore, a Pan-American Course on the Conservation and Management of Earthen Architectural and Archaeological Heritage was held in Chan Chan in late 1996. This course was organized by ICCROM in cooperation with several other partners and received financial support from the World Heritage Fund.

The Committee was informed that the Peruvian authorities had submitted a request for technical cooperation to strengthen the management of the site.

The Committee commended the Government of Peru for its efforts to secure the site. It also requested the Peruvian authorities to submit, by 15 September 1997, a full report on the state of conservation of Chan Chan, including proposals regarding the future conservation and management of the site in order to enable the Committee, at its twenty-first session, in consultation with the state Party, to decide if additional measures are required to conserve the property. Awaiting the state of conservation report, the Committee decided to retain the Archaeological Zone of Chan Chan on the List of World Heritage in Danger.


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation, List of World Heritage in Danger
States Parties: Peru
Year: 1996
Decision Code: CONF 201 VII.C.27