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Committee Decisions

CONF 208 VII.C.41

Reports on the State of Conservation of Natural Properties Noted by the Committee

VII.41 The Committee noted the decisions of the twenty-first extraordinary session of the Bureau as reflected in the Report of the Bureau session (Working Document WHC-97/CONF.208/4B Section III.A.c), on the following natural properties:

  • Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha/Bialowieza Forest (Belarus/Poland)
  • Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves/La Amistad National Park (Costa Rica/Panama)
  • Shirakami Sanchi and Yakushima Island (Japan)
  • Whale Sanctuary of El Viscaino (Mexico)
  • Arabian Oryx Sanctuary (Oman)
  • Lake Baikal (Russian Federation)
  • Virgin Komi Forests (Russian Federation)
  • Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)
  • Durmitor National Park (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)).