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Decision : CONF 203 VII.A.1.8/9
SOC: Air-et-Tenere Reserve (Niger)

VII.8 Air-et-Tenere Reserve (Niger)

The Committee recalled that at the request of the Niger authorities, the site was inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger in 1992 as it was affected by civil disturbances. A Peace Accord was signed in October 1994.

The Delegate of Niger took the floor and recommended that an evaluation mission be organized to review the situation at the site.

Meanwhile, the Committee decided that the site would remain on the List of World Heritage in Danger. The situation will be reviewed by the Committee at its twentieth session in the light of information provided by the mission.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Conservation, List of World Heritage in Danger
States Parties: Niger
Year: 1995
Decision Code: CONF 203 VII.A.1.8/9