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Decision : CONF 003 VI.15
Report by former Chairman and Rapporteur on activities undertaken during the period September 1978-October 1979 and Action to be taken thereon

Thus, with respect to paragraph 16 of the report on the different types of recommendation formulated by the Bureau to the Committee on nominations, the Committee decided to adopt for its third session the procedure proposed by the Bureau which is as follows: nominations would not be examined by the Committee: (a) when the deadlines for their submission had not been respected, (b) when their proper processing had not been possible and (c) when it was evident that the supporting documentation was incomplete and/or inadequate; on the other hand those nominations which raised problems of application of the criteria (calling in some cases for the submission of additional documentation) would be submitted to the Committee for consideration with a recommendation from the Bureau that action be deterred, together with those recommended to the World Heritage List and those definitively not recommended for inscription on the List.

 Decisions Report
Themes: Working methods and tools, Reports
Year: 1979
Decision Code: CONF 003 VI.15