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Decision : 27 COM 11.2
Examination of the World Heritage Fund and Approval of the Related Budget for 2004/2005

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having considered the 2004-2005 budget of the World Heritage Fund, its estimated income and proposed expenditure;

2. Decides that the Contingency Reserve be consolidated into the budget as from 31 December 2003;

3. Approves a total expenditure of US$ 7,248,070 for the biennium 2004-2005 from the World Heritage Fund subject to the approval by the UNESCO General Conference of a budget totalling US$ 610 million for the same period;

4. Approves the corresponding budget attached in Tables 1 to 3;

5. Notes that the approved budget includes the following amounts for Regional Programmes:

(i) Arab States:                                            US$ 80,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.1

(ii) Africa 2009:                                          US$ 200,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.2

(iii) Africa 2004-2005:                                   US$ 90,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.2

(iv) Asia 2003-2009:                                    US$ 100,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.3

(v) Pacific 2009:                                         US$ 100,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.4

(vi) Europe and North America:                       US$ 20,000
(to be proposed in 2005)

(vii) Latin America:                                     US$ 100,000
(to be proposed in 2004)

(viii) Caribbean 4-14:                                   US$ 70,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.5

Total                                                          US$ 760,000

6.   Decides that the overall budget expenditure will be adjusted pro rata should a budget other than US$ 610 million be adopted by the UNESCO General Conference.

Themes: Budget
Year: 2003
Decision Code: 27 COM 11.2