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Decision : 27 COM 7B.91
Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site (El Salvador)

The World Heritage Committee [55],

1. Takes note of the finalization of the management plan;

2. Congratulates the State Party for its concerted efforts in completing the Plan;

3. and Expresses its appreciation to the Getty Conservation Institute for its important contribution in this field;

4. Recognizes, because of the vulnerable nature of the property, the need to reinforce the property as a research laboratory in archaeology and conservation, that can also be useful for the sub-region;

5. Invites the State Party to reinforce the on-site staff and to set up a coordination committee with the relevant national authorities for the plan's implementation;

6. Invites the State Party to request International Assistance in order to improve the conditions of the water canalizations and avoid further structural damage.

[55]  Decision adopted without discussion.

 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
Focal Point: LAC
States Parties: El Salvador
Year: 2003
Decision Code: 27 COM 7B.91